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Project Description
MetroTask, An example Metro based application using C#

The main goal is to provide a set of examples in C# for taking advantage of the new Metro platform for Windows 8. For now it has a basic functionality.

From the user point of view, is a metro app. that contains different tasks are grouped into projects, and it the goal is to provide the following functions:
  • Create, edit and delete tasks
  • Create, edit and delete projects
  • Create tasks using the share charm.
  • Show next to due date tasks on the tiles.
  • Show an alert when a task is next to due date.

From the developer point of view there are two projects:
  • Metro C# Application: Implements the frontend of the application.
  • WCF Web Service: Implements the backend service that will hold the data.
  • Console Application: Used for service testing and debugging.

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